Medieval & Post-Medieval Melton

Medieval & Post-Medieval Melton

Medieval AD 1066 - 1540.

Post-Medieval AD 1540 - 1901.

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The Medieval period starts with the Norman invasion in 1066 although much of material culture was not affected so this can be difficult to see archaeologically. Throughout the Medieval period religion was important and many of the objects here show Christian imagery. The Church and nobility flaunted their wealth and decorated their buildings with beautiful floor tiles and stained glass windows.

The Medieval period ends with Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.


The Post-Medieval period begins with the dissolution of the monasteries around 1540. Many personal and everyday items become more familiar to us during this period and lost treasures are often found by metal detectorists in the Melton area. Rings were particularly fashionable in this period and some have charming inscriptions.