We are good to go

Caring about your safety

To help you feel safer visiting us, we have:

  • Undertaken full risk assessments against national Covid-19 guidance.
  • Admission only by pre-booked ticket; for now you can't just turn up on the day.
  • Bookable timeslots for entry so that your arrival is spaced out from others.
  • Allowed one booking of up to 6 people or up to 8 people from one household or support bubble for each time slot, meaning you are in control of who joins you on your visit and the number of people on site is managed and controlled. We encourage all our customers to place bookings in line with all Government regulation, advice and guidance in force.
  • Contactless card payment facilities and a cashless environment.
  • Safety screens at till points to increase protection at key points.
  • Hand sanitising points and an increased cleaning regime.
  • One-way systems operating where possible, as well as signage to guide you.

In return, we ask that you help us by:

  • Maintaing 2m social distancing from other visitors, staff and volunteers.
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds or more and particularly after contacting surfaces in public areas.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided at every opportunity.
  • Wear a face covering during your visit.
  • Following any one-way systems and respect new signage or verbal instructions.
  • Taking personal responsibility for managing any children who are part of your booking, to ensure that they observe social distancing and good hygiene practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I allow for my visit?

We anticipate you will need around 45 minutes to enjoy the museum. Under the current circumstances, please make the most of your time because we are not able to allow you to re-enter after your timeslot, however, in order to manage social distancing and the flow of all customers who have booked, we also ask that you are mindful of maintaining your own progress through the exhibition.

Can I turn up on the day and buy a ticket?

Entry to our site is currently only by pre-booked ticket. We have introduced bookable timeslots in order to manage the arrival of groups of customers during opening times. Unfortunately, if you turn up without a pre-booked ticket, it may not be possible to allow you entry.

Can I go to the museum at any time?

Unfortunately, due to current guidance and restrictions, it is not possible to allow you entry to the museum at times other than your booked timeslot. It is also not possible to allow you re-admission after your timeslot, without you booking a new timeslot.

When should I arrive for my visit?

To ensure social distancing is managed, please do not arrive for your booked timeslot early. You should aim to arrive at the admission point at the time of your booking, so please allow yourself time to walk from carparking to the admission point.

Are your customer toilet facilities open?

Yes, our customer toilet facilities are open for use. Once you have entered the museum and started following the one-way system, you will not be allowed to exit and return at a later time, so please make sure you use the toilets, if you need to, at the start of your visit.

Our toilet facilities are currently operating on a one-in/one-out basis, so please also be aware that you will need to 'call-out' before entering the toilet to ensure no other customers are using the facility. The toilets remain in use as male / female, unless specifically designated as unisex.

Are you following 1m or 2m social distancing?

We have decided to work to 2m social distancing at the current time. We would ask you to try to maintain 2m social distance from other customers at all times. We have one-way systems in operation to help with this, but please be considerate to others.

Will I meet other customers whilst in the museum?

We have introduced bookable timeslots that allow only one booking of up to 8 people at each time. We hope this will help with the flow of customers around our site. We would also ask you to follow the flow around the museum and not to make u-turns that could mean you meet the following customer group. However, if you meet other customers while you visit, we would ask that you respect the 2m social distancing rule and be considerate to others.

Will I be able to touch audio visual displays and other items?

All non-essential objects have been removed from our exhibition spaces, so we are limiting the number of objects that can be touched. To access touch screens and any interactive, 'hands-on' elements of displays we will issue you with a stylus when you are welcomed. This can be used to activate touch screens and lift interactive gallery elements (where this is still allowed), without making physical contact. Stylus should be returned at the end of your visit and will be cleaned / quarantined for 72 hours before being re-issued. We would encourage visitors not to touch objects or displays that are not interactive or have been marked as not in use. Regular use of hand sanitiser and hand washing for at least 20 seconds is encouraged where possible. Sanitisation stations are available at key locations in the exhibition, should you not have your own hand sanitiser.

Will there be catering facilities available?

No, there are no catering facilities on our site.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Following current Government guidance, you will be required to wear a face covering while inside the museum, unless there is a health reason why this should not be the case, or in the case of children, who are not required to wear a face covering.

Circumstances when a face covering may not be required include:

  • If a customer cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability.
  • If putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause the customer severe discomfort
  • If a customer is speaking to or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate.
  • To avoid harm or injury, or the risk of harm or injury, to yourself or others.

Due to other measures in place, such as Perspex screens at till points, in line with current Government guidance, staff and people acting on our behalf, for example, speakers and performers, who are working inside, will not be wearing face coverings unless they have made a personal choice to do so. In some instances, a visor may be used by speakers / performers based on personal circumstance or choice.

If you see a customer who is not wearing a face covering, please respect that the reasons for this may not be visible to others.

As part of the booking process, you will be asked to provide your contact details, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail. We will hold these details in our electronic booking system in order that they can be provided to the track & trace process, if required.

Will you be undertaking additional cleaning of the public spaces?

As well as our normal programme of keeping the museum clean, additional sanitisation of key areas such as interactive elements, handrails and seats will be undertaken before opening, during a closed period in the middle of the day and after closing.

What if I need first aid, or there is an emergency?

In these uncommon circumstances, we have revised our procedures and are following guidance on the use of Personal Protective Equipment. Our Front of House staff are aware of these new procedures and will issue appropriate instructions to visitors if required.

Can I visit if I have been in contact with someone with suspected COVID 19, or have symptoms myself?

In line with Government advice you should not visit if you believe you may have come into contact with someone with suspected symptoms of Covid-19, or you believe you have the symptoms yourself, you should stay at home and isolate yourself, seeking advice from the NHS 111 service.

What should I do if I develop COVID 19 symptoms within 14 days of my visit?

Please contact us to let us know so that we can manage this with the national test & trace process.

Terms and conditions of booking

Terms and Conditions for booking your free tickets for entry to Melton Museum.

Please note the following Terms and Conditions before booking:


  1. Ticket holders are required to check carefully their tickets in advance of their visit; mistakes will not be rectified on the day.
  2. The ticket time slot is not transferable; tickets will not be exchanged or refunded, except at the discretion of service staff on duty.
  3. Adults must accompany all children under the age of 14.
  4. Leicestershire County Council reserves the right to refuse entry of the ticket holder to the site.
  5. Customers displaying anti-social behaviour will be asked to leave and could be subject to prosecution.
  6. With the exception of assistance dogs, no animals are permitted onto the site.
  7. Whilst we welcome recreational photography and recording, no professional cameras, video recorders or any form of audio-visual recording equipment allowed in the site without prior written permission from the site manager.
  8. Visitors are reminded that for technical or operational reasons, some facilities may be removed or closed or entertainment cancelled and/or altered at any time. Leicestershire County Council reserves the right to change the programme of attractions and entertainment if at any time it is deemed necessary or appropriate to do so.
  9. Proof of booking will be required to gain admission to the attraction. Proof of booking includes booking reference number, ticket, or confirmation email. For events unless otherwise stated the customer will be required to have a valid event ticket to gain admission. Once you have printed or received your tickets, please keep them in a safe place as duplicates, copies or other alternative tickets of any kind cannot be accepted.
  10. Leicestershire County Council accept no responsibility for any personal property.

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