From Hunter-Gatherers to Hillforts

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From Hunter-Gatherers to Hillforts

From Hunter-Gatherers to Hillforts

From Hunter-Gatherers to Hillforts

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2020, 19:30 - 21:00

Venue: Melton Carnegie Museum

Around 13000 years ago hunters ambushed deer as they crossed the Little Matlock Gorge at

Bradgate. By 10000 years ago foragers built hearths at Asfordby and prepared flint blades

and projectile points. Neolithic farmers were building earthworks at Bosworth and Rothley

around 5000 years ago and burying some of the first pottery seen in Britain. 3000 years ago,

Welby saw the burial of a hoard of bronze swords, bowls and axes. Prior to the great Iron Age

monuments or Roman municipal buildings Leicestershire saw a relentless transition from

roving Palaeolithic hunters to settlements, farming and skilled metalworking. Peter Liddle

will take us on a 10000 year journey through an archaeology of transformation.

£5 per person. Pre-booking is required. Please telephone 0116 3053860 or email to reserve seats.

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